EyeWeb Adds WileyX Frames for Safety Eyewear

March 14, 2014
EyeWeb Adds WileyX Frames for Safety Eyewear
Raleigh, North Carolina. March 14, 2014: : Eyeweb.com, a leading online provider of safety eyewear announced today the addition of WileyX safety frames to their extensive network of offerings Online, Onsite and Offsite.

"We are pleased to launch WileyX products through our online safety sites including the first virtual try on catalog for the WileyX product line," commented Hal Wilson, Eyeweb's President. "We are totally committed to providing our customers with the best eyewear available combined with an amazing ordering and delivery experience and WileyX products are another great fit in our offering." The WileyX line is particularly popular for addressing the safety needs of industrial personnel, environmental scientists, miners, engineers, construction workers, brick and stone masons, landscapers, metal workers, pest control technicians, assembly line workers and many other occupations that are prone to eye injuries. The WileyX line combines an element of fashion with the rugged construction demanded by more physically active wearers resulting in frames that are both stylish and functional. All of the frames are third-party tested to meet the American National Safety Standards ANSI Z87 standards. In fact, Wiley X features more sunglasses with ANSI Z87.1-2010 certification than any other safety sunglasses brand! That means safety, style, and sun protection all in one pair of safety eyewear. All WileyX frames are 'Prescription Ready'.
The expansion into the new frame line continues the role of EyeWeb as an innovator in the safety eyewear industry with:

  • SAFETY KIOSKS - CyberImaging pioneered the delivery of online safety eyewear and developed the first onsite kiosk application. Employees capture their digital image using an HD camera and virtually try on and order safety frames right at the kiosk saving employee travel and time away from work.

  • DIGITAL MEASUREMENTS -EyeWeb was granted a patent for its' System and Methodology for Measuring Pupillary Distance using a Fitting Pad or Calibration Strip in April 2013..

  • MEASUREMENTS FOR OPTOMETRISTS - EyeWeb developed a unique sonar system for opticians and optometrist that completely eliminates re-makes due to measurement errors.

About EyeWeb.com

Eyeweb is a leading provider of safety eyewear with unique Triple O (Online e-commerce, Onsite and Offsite) delivery options. Established in 1996, Eyeweb's parent company Cyber Imaging Systems, Inc. provides try on imaging technologies for optical and cosmetic applications. The company serves corporate customers that provide a safety eyewear benefit to their employees by managing the program across geographically disbursed locations while also providing the employee audience the online ability to re-order and to meet their prescription eyeglass needs. For more complete information about Eyeweb programs visit www.eyeweb.com.

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