The Lens coating of your prescription eyeglasses

There are several types’ coatings you can apply to your Online Eyewear Frames to give them an extra push in providing you with great vision. They can take care of a few annoying things that may be effecting your everyday life or routine and even give you added protection. If you mean to purchase Eyewear Frames in the near future, here are some Prescription Eyewear Frames coatings and treatments you may want to consider.

First off there is anti-reflective coating which is also known as A/R coating or anti-glare coating which is a micro thin multi-layer of coating that will eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of your Eyeglasses lens. With this technique, The coating will make your lens nearly invisible so your eyes can clearly focus on the people and objects around you rather then be constantly distracted by glare and reflections around you. AR coating will properly remove any glare caused to you during your daily activities like reading or using the computer, and it will greatly improve your night time vision for things such as driving.

AR coating would be high recommended to any Eyeglasses user as it is multipurpose for nearly anyone but particularly for those who may have their lens made from polycarbonate and high index lens, which will reflect much more light then the regular lens if this AR coating is not applied on them. Also AR coating would be greatly beneficial those who may wear sunglasses a lot because when it is applied to the back surface of the Sports Sunglasses it can help a great deal to reflect and eliminate any reflection that may “bounce back” when facing away from the sun. Safety Glasses; If you are looking for the best comfort in all types of lighting conditions it would be best to apply anti-reflective coating on photochromic lens as AR coating will help light transmission through them for night driving and help reduce any possible glare.

Then there is scratch resistant coating because let’s just face the fact that no Eyeglasses lens are scratch proof but lens can be treated with special coating which will make the Lens very resistant to scratching. Kids lens would be most beneficial from this as kid's Eyeglasses go through much greater abuse and neglect then from an adult. Sometimes this coating is auto built into the frames when ordering and at times it can be an extra feature so be sure to check and ask if the frame you may be purchasing has this option. To keep your Prescription Glasses Frames going for a long time without any issues be sure to treat them with care, place them in a cushioned case when not in use and always use a cleaning cloth or solution that your optician specially recommends. Be wary of stores and web sites who claim to promise complete repair to your scratched lens as it is literally impossible to make Prescription Eyewear Online lens scratches completely disappear.

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