EyeWeb Leads the Market with Safety Eyewear APPs

EyeWeb Leads the Market with Safety Eyewear APPs

Raleigh, North Carolina. June 10, 2014: : Eyeweb.com, a leading online provider of safety eyewear announced today the release of Android and Apple mobile APPs to allow employees to purchase prescription safety eyewear anywhere, anytime.

The APP includes functionality to upload written eyeglass prescriptions and "selfie" photos to the Eyeweb cloud where employees can virtually try on and purchase prescription safety eyewear using their company-paid benefits. "This new functionality allows us to extend eyewear accessibility beyond our permanent safety kiosks and desktop locations. Employees can now virtually try on and take advantage of our proprietary digital measurements from literally anywhere in the world," commented Hal Wilson, Eyeweb's President. "Customer input from both large and small companies was the driving force behind this effort. Addressing the needs of remote and geographically disbursed workforces is now possible with the Eyeweb APP. We believe the Eyeweb APP in conjunction with our kiosk and desktop solutions are a huge step forward in offering a truly enterprise-wide solution." This new product can be used anywhere, anytime and is a continuation of the company's goal is to make purchasing safety eyewear convenient and easy.

The APP introduction continues the role of EyeWeb as an innovator in the safety eyewear industry with:

  • SAFETY KIOSKS - Eyeweb pioneered the delivery of online safety eyewear and developed the first onsite kiosk application. Employees capture their digital image using a HD camera and virtually try on and purchase safety frames at the kiosk saving travel and time away from work.

  • DIGITAL MEASUREMENTS - EyeWeb was granted a patent for its' System and Methodology for Measuring Pupillary Distance using a Fitting Pad or Calibration Strip in April 2013.

  • DESKTOP APPLICATIONS - Allows employees to access their company microsite from an office or home computer and use their benefits to purchase safety eyewear.

  • MEASUREMENTS FOR OPTOMETRISTS - EyeWeb developed a unique sonar system for opticians and optometrist that completely eliminates re-makes due to measurement errors.

  • APPS - Eyeweb introduced Android and Apple APPs to complement the kiosk and desktop versions creating the first mobile solution for prescription safety eyewear programs.

About EyeWeb.com
Eyeweb is a leading provider of safety eyewear with unique Triple O (Online e-commerce, Onsite and Offsite) delivery options. Established in 1996, Eyeweb's parent company Cyber Imaging Systems, Inc. provides try on imaging technologies for optical and cosmetic applications. The company serves corporate customers that provide a safety eyewear benefit to their employees by managing the program across geographically disbursed locations while also providing the employee audience the online ability to re-order and to meet their prescription eyeglass needs. For more complete information about Eyeweb programs visit www.eyeweb.com.

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