EyeWeb Awarded Patent for Method and systems for measuring interpupillary distance

July 28, 2013
EyeWeb Awarded Patent for Method and systems for measuring interpupillary distance

Raleigh, North Carolina. July 28, 2013: EyeWeb.com, a leading online provider of safety eyewear announced today announced the receipt of United States Patent No. 8,459,792 B2 for a Method and systems for measuring interpupillary distance. Hal Wilson and Jim Welch at EyeWeb are the inventors of this unique measurement system. Hal Wilson explains, "This technology was developed to enable a new way providing very precise measurements that are needed to fabricate prescription eyeglasses. The current method of measurement requires a technician to manually take the measurements typically using a very low-tech ruler. Our patented process allows us to create highly accurate measurements using a 'calibration strip' which is placed on the patient's forehead prior to capturing a digital photo."

This patent, along with the EyeWeb.com Internet application allows the company to provide on-demand safety eyewear through the EyeWeb network of corporate based kiosks. Employees capture their digital image using an HD camera and virtually try on safety frames at the kiosk saving employees travel and time away from work. The system also manages the company-paid benefits and standardizes eyewear safety programs across large companies with geographically disbursed locations.

About EyeWeb.com

Eyeweb is a leading provider of safety eyewear with unique Triple O (Online e-commerce, Onsite and Offsite) delivery options. Established in 1996, Eyeweb's parent company Cyber Imaging Systems, Inc. provides try on imaging technologies for optical and cosmetic applications. The company serves corporate customers that provide a safety eyewear benefit to their employees by managing the program across geographically disbursed locations while also providing the employee audience the online ability to re-order and to meet their prescription eyeglass needs. For more complete information about Eyeweb programs visit www.eyeweb.com.

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